Marion Royael  
Jacob Vitale, Yellow Large
Joe Pimentel, Untitled
Kathleen Anderson,
Ghost Finder Circuit Board Diagram
Amanda Henneberry, Cycling
Dia Staff Art Show 
List of artists:

Kathleen Anderson
Anthony Brickner
Vernon M Byron
Mike Caputo
Zach Crittenden
Kate Dowell
Tess Elliot
Maria Emilia Fernandez
Chelsey Freeman
Mara Gerson
Allan Greller
Beth Haber
Jennifer Haines
Amanda Henneberry
Ted Houghtaling
Cristin Hughes
Nicole Kail
Diane Landro
Grimm Lee
Brian Loatman
Claire Lofrese
Deb Lucke
Liana Mack
Dan Masterson
Kirsten Mosher
Jon Patrick Murphy
Daniel Oates-Kuhn
Kristin Oppenheim
Maggie Quinn
Jill Petrush Rogers
Joe Pimentel
Christina Remine
Caroline Schneider
Brad Smith
Melissa Toth
Kaitlin Van Pelt
Jacob Vitale
Anthony Yori
Havarah Zawoluk
Dia Staff Art Show

Thursday October 4th until Sunday October 7th
The gallery will be open noon until 7:00 each day

The opening reception: Friday the 5th from 7:00 to 9:00

Curatorial Statement:

“All Dia Art Foundation staff can submit anything”
Curator, Brian Loatman

The show consists of artwork in many mediums by artists who work for the Dia Art Foundation, both at Dia: Beacon and at sites in New York City.

Article, Dia Staff Art Show HERE...
Tess Elliot, The Falls at Night