Marion Royael

Contemporary American Artist Steven Paul Riddle

Signatures of Steven Paul Riddle’s large-scale canvases include a vital palette, manipulated surfaces, and compositions of broken form. His paintings are commentary on the sociopolitical landscape utilizing  literary fantasies, art history and pop culture icons.

Riddle appropriates and re-examines, manifesting a labyrinth of the prismatic to be decoded by the onlooker.

Riddle (b.1952) is a listed artist who was born in California but is now based out of New York. His work can be found in major collections throughout the United States and Europe.

His signature style consists of vibrant colors and broken forms on large scale canvases. He is known for his unique approach to composition which is singular in  color, geometric vibe and layered approach.


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"Son of Man Floating into the Gallery above the Earth"
10 feet x 6 feet, oil/acrylic on canvas
afterthemonalisa, stevenpaulriddle
Andrew Warhola on Bounty Paper Towels, Steven Paul Riddle
A Peaceful Day in the Life, Steven Paul Riddle
Magical Sgt Yesterday's Tour of Yellow Peppers and White Submarines, Steven Paul Riddle
Lady Gaga Poker Face, Steven Paul Riddle, Marion Royael Gallery
Steven Paul Riddle, A Google Street View
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