Marion Royael

Alexander Percy
"Melancholies come to me to turn them into passion. Color sensitizes my system. The spatula is my sword, my shield is the color and my inspiration is you. The night becomes my day, and the day is my torture. It is my ritual…my religion. In this city where there’s no sky, and what has not turned gray yet, will be soon, I battle. I work color, light and awareness. I feel free. Nature, religion, love, sex and life dominate my synthesis. With this body of work, I toy with human psyches, with reference to the imagery’s invocation, captured through lived life. The spectator’s past experiences confront the colors in each piece and interact on a very personal plane. The titles of the work create an uncertainty, leaving outsiders wanting to know more, questioning their own senses while transforming the work into a representative image of their existentialism"