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"Our most basic need is for physical survival"; after that everything is Candy."
                                                                                                           Yllib Gramps

Money, love, cars, real estate, fun, excitement, food, drugs, power, sex, stimulation, alcohol, stocks, ownership, investments, romance, companionship, social connections, internet, social networks, gaming, social networks, belonging, war, peace, achieving, travel, or even candy... What’s in your candy bag?

"Candyland Bittersweet", a directed migrating installation.
On view is finely executed visual perspectives related to the nature of "the Things people want" woven into a singularly connected Directed Migrating Installation.
Bill Huebbe
Billy Lillyham
Dave Dziemian
Rick Hutchinson
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Directed Migrating Installation;

is an ongoing directed site specific installation which migrates from one single conceptual work of art to another over time with no particular end. Each directed migrating installation is comprised of many finely executed visual perspectives created from one concept, by numerous artists, all woven together into a singularly connected Directed Migrating Installation, a single piece.